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We offer 24X7 emergency services with the help of a team of resident doctors who attend to any emergency that might arise.

Our outpatient services function from 9am to 9 pm on all days including
Sundays and Holidays. We encourage patients to visit us with appointments
so as to reduce their waiting time. Our outpatient services comprise of
pediatric and pediatric sub specialty consultations, vaccinations and well-
baby clinics.

We have a fully equipped Centre to take care of sick pediatric inpatients and
have complete facilities and tie ups for all relevant treatment that the patient
may require. We take care of pediatric inpatients in all pediatric sub
specialties and also patients who are critically sick

We have a Level 3 neonatal care unit and our team comprises of
neonatologists, Resident doctors, nurses, pediatric ophthalmologists and
lactation specialists to provide round the clock care. We have a track record
of ventilating and salvaging the very low birth weight preterm babies with

minimal morbidity.

Our NICU graduates are screened for hearing and Retinopathy of
prematurity before discharge. We also run a high risk newborn out patient
services to follow up our NICU graduates for developmental assessment.
Our neonatal services include
Neonatal transport
Routine Premature care
Care of critically sick neonate
Neonatal ventilation
Surfactant therapy
Phototherapy and Exchange transfusion
Neonatal surgery

We manage children with acute and chronic lung diseases like asthma, lung
infections, cystic fibrosis and other chronic lung disease, Neonatal lung
disease, malformations of the lung, sleep disorders, etc.
The Asthma and Lung clinic is conducted every Friday and it provides
comprehensive care for treating children and adolescents with asthma and
other pulmonary disorders.
Our facilities include
Spirometry (Lung function tests)
Allergy Testing
Upper & Lower airway Bronchoscopy
Sleep lab for testing children with sleep disordered breathing
Patient counseling with the help of doctors and nurse practitioners

This is an important clinic for children with Lung
diseases and also sleep disorders. We also carry out Sleep studies for

Here patients are assessed for their allergies and
advised allergy testing and therapy as indicated. Our centre uses the best
quality purified antigens for skin prick testing to give the most accurate
clinically correlated results.

We offer consultation services for all skin diseases
in children

Apart from regular consultations the services
include monitoring and laser surgery for Retinopathy of Prematurity.

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